Summer at the Stables : Ohio Lifestyle Session

So it has been a while since I've written. Mainly because the kids and I have flown back home to for some family time. So far we have attended a wedding, a baby shower, eaten Chipotle (it was like heaven), gone to Target (ok THAT was like heaven) and enjoyed spending many hours in the pool. And we have only been here for two weeks! 

While I am here I plan on furthering my photography skills by attending a wedding workshop, going to photography group meet ups, shout out to my HOF Ohio Tribe and having a couple sessions. The oldest is continuing her riding lessons with the fabulous Hillary Carlson of Hillary Carlson LLC. If you are interested in riding lessons and live in central Ohio, I can not sing her praises enough. We LOVE Miss Hillary and her stables. 

Both children love going to the stables. The older Smith Kid is becoming so independent when it comes to helping out. She knows to walk in, grab a brush from the tack room and get to work on brushing all of the hay off of her favorite pony. Then she grabs the saddle blanket and brings it over to where her pony is in the cross ties, and puts it on. Little Man enjoys watching his sister ride, but he also enjoys playing in the rocks and gravel in addition to chasing the barn cat named Smokey. 

Our favorite days so far have started a little bit too early, a little bit dusty and smelly, but I wouldn't give up anything to see Miss S concentrating and working hard for something that she cares about.