Befamy : Lakenheath Portrait Session

Well that's what my daughter calls her at least. She also goes by BZup and Bethany, and she is quite an amazing human being. We were sad to have left her behind at our last base, but luckily we are only a 2 hour flight away from Venice so this past weekend she came up to spend time with the family. Needless to say it was glorious, and she was able to experience the week of British summer we had! 

She and I have been wanting to do a shoot for ages, but never found the right time while in Italy, so convincing her to steal away during nap time (for both Ollie and Taylor) wasn't too difficult. We drove 5 minutes down the road from our home, walked into a field and went at it. It goes without saying this woman is stunning and a complete natural in front of the the camera. 

Thank you Bethany for modeling for me. I am already starting to plan next time and there won't be stinging nettle involved. Promise.