Hall Wedding - Thetford Vow Renewal

Ashley has been a part of my military family, for what seems like forever but in reality is probably been less than 2 years. I can’t really remember how our paths crossed, was it during the school run where we talked on the corner with the rest of the American moms? Over breakfast at The Warrener with the Thetford Wives? Perhaps at the Tesco, where we could have exchanged the awkward ‘we are both Americans living in a British world’ nods while our kids ran around the shopping carts. At this point I couldn’t tell you, but what matters is that we met and she became a part of my tribe.

Thetford Vow Renewal details

Marrying young is the norm in the the military community, and Ashley and Sam were no exception to this, as they originally tied the knot straight out of high school. Now, 12 years and several children later they wanted to do it right. So surrounded with the help of friends and their family we made her dreams come true. The day started with pain au chocolat and donuts while Addie from Addie Grimmer Beauty (one of my favourite local MUAs btw) worked her magic on the most giggly group of women!

Mom life is never ending and Ashley balanced being a mom and being a bride beautifully! She made sure that everyone, myself included, was fed and happy while simultaneously wrapping up last minute details AND entertaining the guests of honour, Sam’s grandparents who flew in from Oklahoma for the occasion.

With the ladies finishing off their hair + makeup I headed over to venue, which we as a group of friends had decorated the night prior, and started getting ready for “the big show.” Friends started trickling in and literally everyone got to work. The bar magically became stocked, drinks were mixed and poured, the catering was delivered (after being ordered less than 48 hours prior!!) and our gorgeous friend Jessica made, decorated and delivered the cake.

Sam’s grandfather conducted their ceremony and used their family bible. The bridal party consisted of the Hall children and Ashley’s closest girlfriends Becs, Lauri and Hannah, while both the ceremony and reception were held at a village hall. It was easily one of the best weddings I have had the chance to be a part of. Congrats again to Mr, + Mrs. Hall. I love you and your family so much more than words can express.

Ok I lied. While Sam’s grandparents were the physical guests of honour - one of the most special guests was Ashley’s mom, Jandy, who was watching from the other side. She was honoured and remembered in several ways throughout the day and I know she was beaming watching her daughter, son-in-law and grand kids as they were surrounded by love and laughter.


Hair + Makeup: Addie Grimmer Beauty

Dress: Maggie Sottero Designs

Videography: Hello, Lovely

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Catering: Filipiniana 

Venue: Elveden Village Hall - Elveden Estate

Cakes made and decorated by family friend

DJ + Music provided by a family friend