Maternity Leave Part 1 : Thetford Lifestyle Sessions

Well that went by quickly. It seems like just the other day I started maternity leave and here we are and my littlest love is 3 months old. So here is a little recap of what we did while Mom was home on maternity leave.

June 25th I was induced in the morning and 14 hours later Theo arrived, just shy of 10 pounds and big sister Sutton cut the cord (a fact that she is still bragging about months later). He had the biggest cheeks I had ever seen.


Of course I had do get some Fresh 48 photos of my own of my chunky little man, and lucky for me the light in the hospital room was fantastic late in evening.

He came home and our oldest immediately claimed him as hers, just like she did with Ollie 4 years ago. See what I mean about the cheeks? We were happy to be home but something just as exciting as a new baby was about to arrive within the first week of his life.

Gigi came! It had been over a year since my partner saw his Mom, because of military life and deployments and such. She flew out for the shortest visit to meet her newest grandchild. This easily has to be the hardest part of living overseas, hands down. Seeing family is often uncertain, we often get our hopes up just to be let down so we cherished every moment we had with her.

Sutton LOVES her GiGi.

Sutton LOVES her GiGi.

With Gigi staying with us for less than a week, and us not knowing when we would be travelling back to the US to see our family again, we decided that updated photographs were in order.

We went to the beach often, since it’s our happy place and I can let the kids run as much as their little hearts desire. Plus it was the summer and beach days are the best days. Ollie, the accident prone one, took a major tumble and scratched up his face terribly. It made for some great portraits that I can’t wait to show his future girlfriends when warning them about how clumsy he is.

Also I had no idea this would be so lengthy, so thank you if you have read this far. I’ll finish the rest and post a little bit more later!