Behind the Scenes with Sarah Pekins Photography

Anyone who knows me knows I have an infatuation with my House of Flynn camera bags and the community that comes along with it. The owner, a fabulously fierce redheaded mermaid called Maureen, has created a fantastic international tribe of photographers and photography enthusiasts who lift each other up, give advice from everything related to photography to deeply personal familial issues. While the main tribe consists of around 30K members there are sub-tribes for each state in the US, several for entire countries and a quiet group dedicated to military spouses. It's in the small group of tribe members where I am sure I met the lovley and fabulous Sarah.

Meet Sarah! Here she is in all her glory in her Thetford based home studio.

Meet Sarah! Here she is in all her glory in her Thetford based home studio.

Sarah is a FABULOUS maternity, birth and newborn photographer with her own home studio in town. I will be the first to tell you that while I love newborns I am really only comfortable doing in home, lifestyle sessions. This chick does the super fancy posed newborns that I am not trained for, nor do I have the patience to achieve. I've assisted her in a couple newborn shoots and am constantly in awe with what she is able to accomplish. So lets take a peek at what happens when you book in with Sarah Pekins Photography.

We wait patiently for first time parents to arrive with the star of the day, Miss Lacey. The studio is filled with props, blankets, wraps and a massive wall of tie-backs (just a fancy term for those fancy headbands you see on newborns). Once there Mum and Dad are offered refreshments and fresh pastries. There is also a stocked changing table ready for baby.

First she gets parent shots out of the way. Mum and Dad are still fresh but since newborn sessions typically last anywhere between 4-6 hours it's best to get these out of the way to avoid disappointment if baby decides to not cooperate later in the day. Session times vary depending on baby, how good of a sleep they are, how much they want to eat etc. Once photos with both parents are complete the posed setups can commence.

This particular nugget was born the weekend of the Royal Wedding, and being in England it made perfect sense to incorporate a tea cup and a fancy hat. Notice how not only Mum stays close, but usually has a hand on baby, as these shots are all composites, meaning several shots are taken at different angles and then are stitched together to make the final image. Safety is of utmost importance when handling newborns and any proper newborn photographer will have training on how to safely pose baby.

In between setups, time is taken to change diapers, feed and calm baby back down. Oh and don't worry if baby makes a mess between diaper changes (like little Miss did), Sarah owns her own carpet cleaner and has gotten really good at getting out stains.

Anyway all of this to say...if you are looking for a newborn photographer in the tri-base area...Sarah is your girl. 

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