Norfolk Location Scouting

"No friendship is an accident." - O Henry, Heart of the West

This is one of my best friends Sharae. I am so glad that we were set up by her boyfriend. So Smith Photography would be non-existent here in England if I didn't have the help of this amazing woman. Also where would my life be without our late night video game and popcorn dates? So just plan to see her face a lot from here on out because she comes location scouting with me and we get to see some pretty cool things.

Anyway this day we decided to load the kids up into the car and go on a drive to some locations I thought looked interesting. The first spot ended up being a private wedding venue however the staff member we talked to was so friendly and suggested a nearby walled garden centre. 

This garden centre was amazing and filled with the most unique looking florals. The entire time I wished I had faux wedding rings to do some amazing ring shots. The minute I got home this day I ordered a few so I would never find myself in this position again. 

Jesi SmithComment