Castle Rising: Kids Lifestyle

Weekends in our household are meant for exploring, and living in England that means visiting a lot of castles and stately homes. This particular weekend in May was no expection. 

We have passed Castle Rising several times while on the way to other various locations, but were waiting until we had an English Heritage membership to visit. I may have also had to bribe my children with a trip to the beach afterwards to entice them further since a beach is apparently way cooler than a castle in their minds.

Ollie gets his fashion sense from his dad.

Ollie gets his fashion sense from his dad.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed running through the castle corridors and pretending to be Queens and Kings. I was more preoccupied with keeping them alive, and not tumbling down the very narrow and spiral staircases.

Ollies favorite bit was playing on the earthworks surrounding the castle and Sutton love running to the top of the very top and running down.

I could have spent more time in the Castle but the kids were done in around 30-45 minutes. The entry fee is minimal at £4.50 per adult, and £3 for children but free if you have an English Heritage membership.

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