Allison: Bury St. Edmunds Portraits

One of the scariest things about military life comes with moving every couple of years. It's not moving to a new place that is scary, but wondering if you will find people you like there that is downright terrifying. In this new day and age of technology a lot of us mil-spouses turn to Facebook and the spouses groups to find out all the nitty-gritty of our next base. Where to live, what store is most similar to Target, and what it's like driving on the opposite side of the road.

Usually I tend to stay out of these discussions but one night I was feeling rather homesick for Italy when this super cute blonde girl with the same last name mentioned she was moving from Italia and had  questions. I jumped at the chance to discuss my personal experience on making the move, to share the things I wish I had known during our first couple weeks. 


Flash forward several months and this girl that I had only talked to online a handful of times reaches out one last time before they make the drive to England. Turns out the hotel had made a mistake on their booking and they needed someone to watch their cat. If you know me, I'm slightly obsessed with cats and miss having one of my own, so I jumped at the opportunity. We hadn't met but somehow, probably in a last ditch desperate attempt, she decided I was not a total creep and trusted me enough to watch her most precious possession. By the way, Noah the cat and I are now BFFs.


When she arrived she reminded me so much of my best friend & college roommate. I was floored and knew immediately that she was the type of girl I wanted to be friends with,. When you meet someone like this you revert to to a teenage and act cool and pray that they won't think you are a complete loser. Needless to say, we have had some awesome days running errands, going to see some local sights and going on friend-dates.

Anyway...I'll stop gushing about this awesome chick who I have a total girl-crush on and just leave you with some pretty pictures. Thanks for thinking I'm not weird Allison :)