Let me introduce myself…

I’m Jesi, a caffeine enthusiast and internationally published mother of three. Photography has always been something I was interested in since childhood, but I never really had the support or means to explore my potential. Then I had kids and I learned that your iPhone can only do so much. In August 2015 with the support of family and friends So Smith Photography was born. When I picked up a camera owning my own business was never the intention. I just a way to remember everyday moments with my kids and for them to know how lucky they were to have the childhood that they have. One thing led to another and here I am several years and many new lenses later.

My passion lies in all things birth related and weddings. You know, easily two of the largest unmissable events in our lifetime? The big moments where you don’t get a do over? I live for those. I love each minute spent with my clients, learning about their family, watching their children grow and basking in all of the love shared between them.

I am also extremely proud to be a member of the Military Birth Resource Network, providing a positive birth experience at RAF Lakenheath.

Shutout to my bestie Sarah from Hello, Lovely Stories for my head shots!