Hello! I'm Jesi. I am a self taught portrait and lifestyle photographer and my goal is to capture your inner beauty, the way the world sees it. Photography has always been something I was interested in since childhood, but I never really had the support or means to explore my potential. Then I had kids and I learned that your iPhone can only do so much. With the help of my amazing husband I finally gave in and decided to do something for me. This was never meant to be a business, just a way to remember everyday moments with my kids, and for them to know how lucky they were to have the childhood that they have. One thing led to another, people starting liking my photos, I started to learn more and more about the art, I coordinated a stylized shoot with my daughter and her two best friends and I was hooked. 

I am available for formal events, weddings, family portraits, maternity & newborn  lifestyle sessions. I love each minute spent with my clients, learning about their family, getting to see how amazing and creative they are. Watching their children grow, and having them see how truly beautiful they are inside and out. 

I am up for all kinds of adventures in order to get you the photos you want. Yes lets drive up the mountains and play in the snow. Yes let's go for a hike in the woods. Yes of course I will wear my wellies to get that perfect shot of you on the bridge, or in the water. I am not afraid of getting messy so we can create something wonderful. So yes, let's talk and see what magic we can make together. 

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